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The interactive global resource for increasing your baby's brain power and IQ
                            "Your One source for having a Smarter Baby" with free interactive tools to use online now

The stimulation you provide your baby in the first 3 years  has more impact than at any other time in your child's life.
Your baby's brain will reach 90% of its adult size by age  3.
Studies show that continued and consistent stimulation can boost your child's I.Q. by as much as 20 points.
Your baby can be born with a significant intellectual advantage.
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Help your baby express themselves easily with Smart Sounds exclusively Here      You'll be amazed.

Free gifts with every order    


Free infant stimulation eFlashcards now online. Free Smart Pack. Give your baby the gift of a lifetime with BabyPlus Prenatal Education from an  Authorized Seller. Free Smart Baby essential links for 
parents and parents to be.
Please check out our multi-sensory eFlashcards
now online.
Increase your baby's brain power and knowledge with Free Infant Stimulation eFlashcards right online. Sit your child on your lap and easily click through each one. No more fumbling with bent or  torn flashcards. eFlashcards are easy and babies and toddlers love them!
Interact with your child and explain the  things they see in the eFlashcards. Name objects and words and point to the screen as you're interacting.

Alphabet with pictures
Alphabet b/w lower case
Alphabet b/w upper case
Animal SOUNDS & pictures
Animated animals
Animated around the house
Animated faces
Animated people
Animated sports
Around the house
Around the house
Around town
Baby's First Words
In the kitchen

Musical Instruments
Numbers & Quantities

Parts of the Body

Shapes Black & White
Shapes and Colors

Shapes 3D
Street Signs 1
Street Signs 2


Words - parts of the body


Please check back often for new categories. To suggest a new category or provide feedback please click here.





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My  Baby's FIRST CD

Now while supplies last get The Smart Baby Exclusive Smart Flash Card Auto CD Flip Book for the very special price of only $9.99. Your baby will love this fun and very special tool as they learn the following: 

* Capital ABC letters with pictures
* Lower case abc letters
* Primary colors
* Numbers
* Quantities
* Babies First Words with Pictures
PLUS MORE.........
The music of Mozart will play as your baby watches the CD Flash Cards. You can set the CD to "auto" flip
through each card if you wish or you may manually flip through each flash card as you interact with your baby.
The CD launches automatically when you insert it into your CD drive. No need to install extra programs or utilities.


Check your baby's percentile for height, weight, head circumference.
boy weight
boy height
head circumference boy
girl weight
girl height
head circumference girl
Your baby's milestones & intelligence.
Your baby's apgar score
Age appropriate milestones
What are the early signs of giftedness?
National Association of Gifted Children
IQ Chart
The  IQ test for parents.
The IQ test for Kids age 9-12
Other Essential Links
How much will it cost to send your 
child to college?

Find out if you're having a boy or girl

Smart Sounds. Smart Sounds. The best way to promote your baby's vocal expression

  A Baby's Language Development
Infants learn language very fast. After they know about 50 words, then they learn words very quickly. For instance, if your baby sees the words cat and bat and house and horse, from that they can figure out the word hat. They'll realize the "h" sound and they can figure this out without being told.
Smart Baby Exclusive  Increase your baby's brain power easily and effectively! Get it here. "My Baby's First DVD Series" with classical music. The ultimate ease of use for parents and the ultimate learning tool for your child. Volume I Capital Letters. Volume II Lowercase Letters. Volume III Advanced BONUS DVD Upercase and Lowercase letters in random pattern including "hidden words" All for one low price.   CLICK HERE for more information on this amazing learning tool.  TWO FREE BONUS DVD's "Shapes and Colors" + "Quantities and Counting" LIMITED TIME OFFER ACT NOW! CLICK HERE for more information.


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